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We love crochet as much as you! Pattern Pack Pro is created with
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Each month our Editors Courtney and Shawna create a special theme for Pattern Pack Pro to challenge and improve your crochet skills.

Not only will you have their expert guidance, but you'll have fun crocheting with the community too! 

What does Pattern Pack Pro offer?

  • Instant digital issues to get crocheting faster!
  • An in-depth article on crochet techniques!
  • 6 themed patterns, perfect for every occasion and style!
  • A new digital issue every month!
  • Information on the best yarns and fibers to use!
  • Exclusive entry to the Facebook Group!
  • Expert assistance from our Editors'!

Meet our Editors : 

Courtney Knorr - Creative Editor

Shawna Underwood - Technical Editor

Courtney is a curly-haired sometimes-at-home Mom to three feral kiddos (ages 15, 13, and 11) and wife of one super nerd.  She learned to crochet in the summer of 2006, and her house slowly started filling with yarn (mainly worsted weight - because worsted weight is the best).  She is super addicted to Ravelry and has a mildly unhealthy obsession with fun crochet hooks. Her favorite things to make are granny squares, hats, and amigurumi in super bright colors.  Crochet keeps her sane, and she loves sharing her love of the art with everyone she meets.

When she’s not crocheting, Courtney enjoys antiquing, reading, cross-stitching, playing games with her children (as long as it’s not Monopoly), Harry Potter, naming inanimate objects, and drinking the occasional glass of scotch with her hubby.  

Shawna is a wife and mother to 2 adorable kiddos.  When she isn’t crafting, she is spending time with her family at the ball field.  She’s been married to her husband Ryder for almost 13 years, and they have an 11-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son.  

Shawna taught herself to crochet when she was 19 years old back in 2003, you can do the math, ;) and for most of that time she has been designing patterns for herself.  Recently she had a good friend convince her it was time to branch out  and sell her patterns.  

Most of the time, Shawna loves adding bright pops of color to add  visual interest to her projects.  You can find her at “Lilly’s lil’ Knits” on Facebook, where she is trying to finish her many WIP's before she starts another.  

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