Who's Up for Some hand-picked crochet patterns?

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We know you can easily get overloaded with crochet patterns. They're everywhere right?!

We created The Pattern Pack so you don't have to search high and low for projects you actually want to make.

The Pattern Pack is a monthly digital publication that includes patterns hand-picked for crocheters like you!

The Pattern Pack Will...

  • Get rid of any "pattern overload". It includes around 6 patterns in each issue. All hand-picked!
  • Make sure you have patterns you actually want to make!
  • Get you patterns at a fraction of their cost. With The Pattern Pack, you're paying less than $1 a pattern!
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That means, each month, we'll deliver to you a pack of hand-picked patterns you'll LOVE to crochet!

Here's Some More Details:

  • The Pattern Pack is released digitally EVERY month.
  • It contains around 6 patterns each month, centered around a seasonal theme!
  • ALL patterns are triple checked and hand tested, so you don't waste time, yarn, or money on errors!

Get The Pattern Pack Today For Only $4.97 A Month!

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We love The Pattern Pack because it gives you all the fun of new patterns, centered around a theme, each and every month!

But what we love even more is that The Pattern Pack includes a small amount of patterns that are easy to start crocheting right away. This means we don't get stuck with "Pattern Overload Syndrome"!

Get The Pattern Pack Today For Only $4.97 A Month!

I Want the Pattern Pack Today!